CARI Membership

CARI does NOT charge its members annual dues in an effort to involve as many investigators as possible.

CARI membership is open to all active and retired local, state and federal law enforcement officers as well as retail and bank security professionals. Members are placed on a robbery bulletin list that corresponds with their location (ie: Metro-Denver, Colorado, Colorado and Surrounding States, Nationwide). Attendees of the National Robbery Conference are automatically added to the membership.

Members are also added to the CARI Directory which is distributed digitally several times every year. The Directory is a handy tool for quickly reaching out to investigators in other agencies throughout the country.

Members who work in the Front Range Metroplex (Colorado Springs to Fort Collins) receive monthly meeting notifications. Meetings are held at 9:00 a.m. on the third Thursday of each month. Dates and locations of the meetings are also listed in the calendar located in the sidebar.


To join CARI please complete and submit the following form. Each submission will be promptly reviewed and the submitter notified of his/her acceptance or denial.